1st & 10 – Satisfying, Unexpected Profanity

           1st & 10 is a segment published on the 1st of each month featuring themed “Top 10” lists. Growing up, Sundays were for church and the Green Bay Packers, hence the name of this segment. Check out “Sunday’s Best” to discover the best new songs each week, and “Sunday’s Best – An Introduction” to get to know the inspiration behind this blog! 

Spring quarter of my freshman year, I started working at UCSB’s Courtyard Café. On my first day, my supervisor asked me if I wanted to plug my phone into the café’s speakers. The only rule was no swear words. I said yes, and shuffled my collection of Belle & Sebastian. Pleased with my selection, I went about my day learning how to make crepes and work the register. Then, “Dress Up In You” started playing, and the Scottish band sang the refrain:

“Blow up in the face of my rivals,
I swear and I rant, I make quite an arrival.
The men are surprised by the language.
They act so discreet, they are hypocrites so fuck them too!

Some uptight patron was apparently also surprised by the language, and complained to management. I was not allowed to play music after that.

I’m a firm believer in swearing for emphasis – the more unexpected, the more powerful the statement. This list honors the 10 best songs at hitting you with a “fuck” or a “shit” when you least expect it. Enjoy, bitches!

  1. Foundations – Kate Nash

“Then I’ll use that voice that you find annoying, and say something like,
‘Yeah, intelligent input darling. Why don’t you just have another beer then.’
Then you’ll call me a bitch, and everyone we’re with will be embarrassed,
and I won’t give a shit.”

Like number 2 on this list, Kate Nash has made a living off of her unanticipated vulgarity. She’s one of the best punch landers in pop. I’m a little surprised her talents haven’t been utilized by feuding pop stars. In my opinion, A Taylor Swift-sung, Kate Nash-written diss track would be a lot more entertaining than “Bad Blood.”

  1. Yes, I’m Changing – Tame Impala

“I saw it different. I must admit. I caught a glimpse. I’m going after it.
They say people never change, but that’s bullshit. They do.”

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala doesn’t use ‘bullshit’ to land a punch. Instead it’s used as a stand-in for a better word. He’s going through a major transition, and he doesn’t have the time to perfect his thoughts. The line fits snugly within the stream-of-consciousness lyrics throughout the song.

  1. Army – Ben Folds Five

“Well I thought about the army.
Dad said, ‘Son, you’re fucking high.’”

“Damn, dad! Ok! Chill. I won’t do it” – would be my reaction if my dad ever said this to me.

  1. Waves – Electric Guest

“They say it’s never easy when you’re 23,
Or maybe that’s a lie, and it’s just hard as fuck for me.”

As a 23 year old, I have a soft spot for this line. Being 23 is suddenly rethinking all your life choices, and sometimes, all you can say is “fuck.”

  1. Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend

“Who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?”

By the time Vampire Weekend released their debut album, “A-Punk” had already reached popularity. Vampire Weekend’s new sound was expected. The abrupt usage of “fuck” was not. Also, I do give a fuck about an oxford comma. Every time I hear this song, I want to argue. I think that means Vampire Weekend did something right.

  1. Loose Lips – Kimya Dawson

“So I’ll curate some situations, make my job a big vacation,
And I’ll say, ‘Fuck Bush, and fuck this war.’”

Today, YG, Joey Bada$$, and many more are (rightfully) screaming “Fuck Donald Trump,” but that blunt rage was much less common in music from the Bush years. Amidst lyrics about hugging, preventing suicide, and being a good friend, Dawson makes it clear that all those actions are more difficult under the Bush regime. It’s a song about surviving a deceiving and hateful war.

  1. 40 Day Dream – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

“I’ve been sleeping for 60 days, and nobody better pinch me.
Bitch I swear, I’ll go crazy.”

Seriously, he’s having the best 60 day dream of his life. If anyone pinched me, I’d go crazy too.

  1. All I Want Is To Be Your Girl – Holly Miranda

“The days are shorter, but the nights are long.
We could fuck in the sun, and dance ‘till dawn,
And all I want is to be your girl.”

This song’s lyrics are brilliant. It’s so much more genuine than your average ‘yearning for love’ song. Be honest. When you have a crush, are you thinking about the picnics you could have together, or the ballroom dances you could attend? No. You’re thinking about gettin’ it. Holly Miranda tells it straight. She just wants to be your girl, and fuck in broad daylight. Plus the music video is glorious.

  1. Fuck You – Lily Allen

“Fuck you! Fuck you very, very much!
Cause we hate what you do, and we hate your whole crew,
So please don’t stay in touch.”

Lily Allen is the queen of this genre(?). We’ve come to expect sweetly delivered profanity from her, yet it’s still satisfying every time she says “fuck.”

  1. Dress Up in You – Belle & Sebastian

“They are hypocrites so fuck them too!”

Remember, people who don’t swear act so discreet, but they’re hypocrites, so fuck them too!

Have a bomb AF April, y’all!

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