4/2/17: Tom Misch – 5 Day Mischon


Listen along!: 5 Day Mischon

Last week, Kendrick Lamar released “The Heart Part 4,” and it was powerful, funky, gripping, and everything else we’ve come to expect from the greatest rapper alive. Three days ago, “Humble” seized the world’s attention with its in-your-face lyrics and imagery. (TDE’s last supper still has me shook.) Both pieces have me counting the days until April 7th. If you want insights into either song, NPR and Pitchfork have you covered. As does the rest of the internet.

Seriously, there is probably enough written about both songs to keep you occupied until the album drops. If you want some alternative listening in the meantime, I suggest going on a “5 day Mischon” with Tom Misch. The new EP is the best thing to happen in music this week not involving Kendrick. It’s 25 minutes of ephemeral pop, hip hop beats, 70’s style chill rock, jazzy sax lines, and orchestral strings that coordinate to form a cohesive musical journey.

Though Misch is a capable singer, his voice is never the focal point of the EP. Instead, each song features a different artist. Carmody, Novelist, Will Heard,  Kaidi Akinnibi and Tobie Tripp each take turns adding their talents to Misch’s “mischon.” The songs are unique enough to be played on their own, but they are knitted together so well that I have not yet been able to pull myself away after just one number.

Day 1: Ephemeral – Ft. Carmody

Carmody begins the EP ephemerally, as the song’s name suggests. The song progresses gradually, allowing you to ease into the EP as if it were a hot tub. (Note: Listening to this EP alone in a hot tub with wine is a great idea.) Around a minute in, you’re immersed. By the end of the song, you’re ready for whatever groovy, genre-bending journey you’re about to experience –

Day 2: Feeling – Ft. Novelist

– And the British rapper, Novelist, wastes no time beginning that journey. The message of the refrain, “We could get physical, but there’s way much more than the physical,” is helpless against the sensual sounds of synths and guitars. There is a guitar solo two minutes in that I refuse to believe was not meant for sex. If you eased into the hot tub on Day 1, you better make sure you’ve got someone else in there with you by Day 2.

Day 3: When You Want to Love – Ft. Will Heard

Day 3 offers a needed rest between Days 2 and 4. While maintaining the sensual flow of “Feeling,” “When You Want to Love” infuses the sounds of 70’s easy listening rock. Like the tunes of Little River Band, Day 3 is music for resting and thinking.

Day 4: Everybody Get Down – Ft. Kaidi Akinnibi

After a quick rest, Day 4 brings the party back. It’s jazzy and upbeat, but gentle. Even the repeated line, “Everybody get down,” sounds more like a subtle suggestion than a statement. Tom Misch wants you to have a good time, but he’s not going to force anything. In fact, he never forces anything throughout the EP. On Day 1, he establishes a comfortable space, and alters the mood within that space as the EP progresses.

Day 5: For Carol – Ft. Tobie Tripp

With the help of a beautiful symphony, Tom Misch’s “5 Day Mischon” comes to an end. It’s time to get out of the hot tub. You’ve been in there for 5 days, and you’re probably hella pruny.

Each time I listen to “5 Day Mischon,” I find more musical elements to appreciate. Each journey is new. For that, Tom Misch is my Sunday’s Best.

Honorable Mentions:

JR JR (Same Dark Places): For managing to make a song called, “Same Dark Places” very bright.

MisterWives (Oh Love): For transitioning pretty well from electro-pop to electro-rock.

Amir Obe (WISH YOU WELL): For making me dance, and also because “None of the Clocks Work” is a great album name.

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