Summer ’17 Songs for Every Situation

It’s summer, which means the world’s biggest pop stars are releasing catchy tunes, hoping to dominate beaches, barbecues, and backseat belters’ lungs for the next three months. Influence the summer enough, and a singer can solidify a place in summer history. 2015 forever belongs to Omi and “Cheerleader.” 2012 is Carly Rae Jepson’s. Before her, Katy Perry ruled with her enduring hit, “California Gurls.”

While the hits can be fun, I’m not about to listen to the same five songs repeatedly until the leaves turn orange. Listening to whatever The Chainsmokers and Coldplay just smashed together with Bruno Mars and some cultural appropriation via Justin Bieber sprinkled in does not sound like a great summer to me. Besides, summer is full of a diverse range of activities. It deserves a diverse range of music. Whether you need accompaniment to your 10 AM mimosas or to your midnight stargazing, here’s some of the best of Summer ’17:

For Mornings And Mimosas

Mike Edge – Been So Long
Louis The Child – World on Fire
Beach Fossils – Tangerine
Stoop Kids – Got Soul

Summer mornings are meant to be slow. For a few short months, the sun wakes up before us.  Every morning it’s there, willing to evaporate our worries as it evaporates dew. Nothing slows down a morning like mimosas, and nothing complements mimosas like stress-relieving music. This summer, leave the alarm-induced mornings for February, and let yourself be soothed by the morning sun.

been-so-long-by-mike-edge.jpgMike Edge playing a Hawaiian bun like a maraca is summer goals.

For Your Weekend Barbecue

Sir The Baptist – Southern Belle
Sylvan Esso – The Glow (This song also has a great running beat, so you can train for that 10k you regret signing up for back in March.)
Dirty Projectors – Cool Your Heart
Jr Jr – Same Dark Places
Courtney Barnett – How to Boil an Egg

Barbecue music: The most pleasant of genres. Good barbecue music integrates with the sizzle of the grill and the tskch of cracking open a cold one with the boys to create background noise for your hopefully stimulating conversations. And if those conversations are leaning on awkward, barbecue music is just peppy enough to avoid turning your Saturday into a group nap.

18556378_1419558648090044_5113220888070323237_n.jpgAsking the real questions.

For When Your Bluetooth Won’t Connect to Your Car, But It’s Okay Because The Radio Is Playing Something Decent

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.
DJ Khaled – I’m the One
Calvin Harris – Slide

These songs will continue to be played everywhere. Luckily, they’re tolerable. You might even find enjoyment from humming “I’m the One” all day, or screeching “empty my bank account” every time you make a withdrawal.

For When Your Bluetooth connects

Sylvan Esso – Radio
Tank and the Bangas – Quick
Lorde – Green Light
Sir The Baptist – Raise Hell
Absofacto – Light Outside
Alt- J – In Cold Blood

When your Bluetooth does connect, and you’re not forced to listen to home repair ads between every song, you don’t need a destination to go on a summer drive. Just play one of these songs, drive around your neighborhood, and sing your heart out.

18238207_1689658624407801_4184010212044891231_o.jpgTank driving around (away from?) her neighborhood

For Your Bonfire

Kyle – iSpy
Abhi The Nomad – Sex N’ Drugs
Bleachers – I Miss Those Days
Jidenna – Adaora

Speaking of singing your heart out – Overpowering the crackle of a bonfire with song and dance is probably the oldest form of human entertainment. It’s gotta be up there with wrestling, and I don’t know, maybe skipping rocks? It’s our responsibility to keep the tradition going. These songs will help give your bonfire a little nudge in the right direction.

For Catching Fireflies

Maggie Rogers – Alaska SOHN Remix
Oh Wonder – Lifetimes
Tom Misch – Day 1: Ephemeral
Lorde – The Louvre
Pheeno – Glass

Growing up, my favorite summer nights ended with nightlight full of imprisoned insects by my side. Now, I realize that sounds a little creepy, but I still can’t resist a trip at dusk to capture lightning bugs, and watch my hands glow. If you don’t live near a forest, these songs are also great for solo dance parties.

t350445380-b1227749424_s400.jpgTell me this forest isn’t meant for catching fireflies

For Pretending It’s Still Summer ’16, A Simpler Time When Trump Was Just A Candidate, And We Hadn’t Quite Realized That All Tropical House Sounds The Same

Kygo – It Ain’t Me

We can never go back, but at least we still have Kygo.

For Some Afternoon Delight

Selena Gomez – Bad Liar
Kendrick Lamar – LOVE.
Tom Misch – Day 2: Feeling

How Selena Gomez slowly infiltrated my mind, and became my favorite pop star, I’ll never know. What I do know is that “Bad Liar” is alluring, addictive, and sexy.

For Going On A Safari

Jidenna – Safari

Look, I don’t know what you do with your summers. If you’re lucky enough that they include safaris, this is the song for you.

For Your Beach Party

NoMBe – Can’t Catch Me
Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still
Wavves – Daisy
San Cisco – Kids Are Cool
Sunny & Gabe – Vacay
Parov Stelar – Mama Talking

For Your House Party

Anderson .Paak – Come Down Remix
Kendrick Lamar – DNA.
Tyga – Act Ghetto
Amir Obe – Wish You Well

Presumably, your summer will include more parties than safaris. Whether you’re drinking Coronas on the beach or Kirkland Vodka at your friend’s apartment, I’ve got you covered. San Cisco and Wavves are great for your dage. Less great when you’re trying to get down. Inversely, Anderson .Paak is necessary turn-up music, but might not be the best choice for a beach full of children.

2ede7d29090a5b3d7fbb9f8b78651800.jpgSF doesn’t have great beaches, but San Cisco still makes great beach music!

For Stargazing

Shallou – Begin
Sylvan Esso – Sound
Frank Ocean – Chanel
Ella Grace – Wild Roads
Alt-J – 3WW

For letting your mind wander. For ignoring the scratchy grass on your thighs. For sinking into the ground, below the jurisdiction of the warm breeze.

Listen to all my summer songs plus more by following me on Spotify! Username: robbie_dutch

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