At around 8:00 AM on April 12, 2009, I was hogging my family’s only bathroom, attempting to shave every last bit of fuzz off my face. It was not going well. As an underdeveloped high school freshman, shaving was not a common practice, but April 12, 2009 was not a common day. That particular Sunday was the day of my Confirmation at Deerfield Lutheran, and I needed to look my Sunday Best.

Unfortunately, my face was no match for the disposable BIC razor, and before long, drops of blood were oozing from my upper lip. Now, somewhere in the vast expanses of developed photos under my mom’s bed, there is a picture of me in a white button down, a red and black striped tie, and with three small napkin patches stuck to my face. I did not look my Sunday Best.

Although Packers jerseys usually sufficed as church clothes in Deerfield, WI, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of presenting one’s best self to the community each Sunday. The simple act of trying sets a positive tone for the week. Seven years later, my weekly church visits have been replaced with weekly mimosas, but I still make time to reflect on the past week, and plan how I can better display my best self the following week.

My ingrained process of reflecting and improving each Sunday has given me an appreciation for the term “Sunday Best.” Sunday acts as a modifier similar to “very” or “absolute,” working to stress the imperativeness of giving one’s best. Therefore, when I decided to start a blog to celebrate musical brilliance, the term seemed suitable.

So please enjoy this collection of recently released, excellent songs (each week’s “Sunday’s Best” song), and have a wonderful Sunday!